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The AMETEK Thermal Management Systems (TMS) Division is positioned as the preferred choice and global value supplier within the aerospace, defense and high performance industrial markets specific to thermal management heating, cooling, environmental control, motion control and filtration components and systems.

As a part of AMETEK, the TMS Division growth plan is based on the following key strategies: Operational Excellence, Organic and Inorganic Growth, Global Market Expansion, New Product Development, Customer Satisfaction and the Development and Support of our Employees. Our growth is based on expanding our presence in the marketplace based on innovation and advancement within our core and adjacent markets via the support of new applications, technologies, products and system solutions.

AMETEK Airtechnology Group (AAG) specializes in the design, development, manufacture and through life support of Thermal Management and Motion Control Systems for the Aerospace, Defense, Rail and Oil and Gas industries. With a rich history, Airtechnology offers end to end service, developing innovative solutions and then delivering them to the global market place.

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FMH Aerospace
FMH Aerospace Corp. (“FMH”) is a leading designer and manufacturer of complex, highly-engineered components and assemblies for the commercial aerospace, defense, space and industrial markets. We produce a broad range of metal bellows, bellow joints, tubes, ducts and metal hoses, among other components, that are complex, tight tolerance and typically flight-critical. Our products are used to facilitate the transfer of fluids and gases at extreme temperatures and pressures and in demanding environments. 


AMETEK Hughes-Treitler (HT) is the industry leader in high-performance, plate-fin, Aluminum/Inconel heat exchangers for Military and Commercial Engine, Rotary, Airframe, and similar applications.  HT specializes in custom build-to-specification applications where thermal performance, weight, structural and reliability are key considerations.  HT provides Engine Surface Coolers, Fuel-Cooled Oil Coolers, Air-Cooled Oil Coolers, high temperature Buffer/Pre-Coolers, and bundled Heat Exchanger/Fan/Blower/Duct systems for the most challenging applications/requirements.


AMETEK PDT is a leading contract, design, and manufacturing company that specializes in the development of advanced liquid cooling and pumping solutions for space, defense, and commercial exploration applications.


AMETEK Rotron is the industry leader in the design, development, manufacture and through life support of high performance, high reliability AC and brushless DC Fans, Blowers and Cooling Systems.  With over 25 product active families, we offer the widest available military and aerospace cooling product range in the world, along with a capability to use our field-proven core product baselines to create unique configurations - addressing system specific space, weight noise, power and system interface requirements.

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