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  • Rotron Launches New E-Commerce Site

    Woodstock, NY - AMETEK Rotron products are now available via an our new e-store. Products are available for delivery within the continental US, with free shipping. Should you require product delivery outside of the US, please contact AMETEK Rotron Customer Service directly.

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  • Rotron Introduces Best-In-Class Compact Rack Mount Heat Exchanger Unit

    Woodstock, NY - With over 10,000 AMETEK Rotron air movers to choose from, we can integrate our fans and blowers into a compact rack mount heat exchanger to meet your specific requirements. Combined with our design expertise with heat exchanger cores and utilizing the latest material types and technologies we have become the leader in providing these products to the US Navy and throughout the world.

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  • Rotron MAXIAX 270VDC Large Vaneaxial Fan Product Release

    Woodstock, NY - The AMETEK Rotron MAXIAX® - 270 VDC large vaneaxial fan sets new performance standards for avionics and exhaust cooling, as well as ECS and ventilation systems. MAXIAX® fans are extremely efficient and highly customizable, allowing for precise airflow design. This fan operates at high rotational speeds while being supplied power directly from a 270 VDC bus and has been qualified to RTCA/DO-160G environmental requirements.

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  • Rotron Introduces Best-In-Class Evaporator & Condenser Fans for Environmental Control Systems

    Woodstock, NY - The AMETEK Rotron MAXIAX® Evaporator and Condenser Large Vaneaxial Fans are designed for aerospace environmental control systems (ECS). These fans are specialized for helicopter applications and are driven by a highly efficient 28 VDC input. Each fan produces a combination of high air flows and static pressures in a compact lightweight package.

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  • Rotron Hudson Valley Success Story

    WOODSTOCK, NY-- The Council of Industry Magazine highlights Rotron's Success Story. "Tucked away in the idyllic town of Woodstock is a company that manufactures products and systems critical to our country's defense. AMETEK Rotron's Fans, Blowers and Cooling Systems are, and have been critical components in some of the most sophisticated military and aerospace vehicles

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  • Rotron High Output Electronic Cooling Fan Optimized for Heat Sink and Heat Exchanger Applications

    WOODSTOCK, NY, USA -- AMETEK Rotron ( has introduced a high output version of its MIL-XTM Tubeaxial Fan that is optimized for heat sink and heat exchanger electronic cooling applications.

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  • Rotron Cooling Fan Rated for use in Explosive Environments

    WOODSTOCK, NY--A high-reliability cooling fan qualified for use in hazardous industrial applications has been introduced by AMETEK Rotron (

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