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Rotron Introduces Best-In-Class Compact Rack Mount Heat Exchanger Unit

Woodstock, NY - With over 10,000 AMETEK Rotron air movers to choose from, we can integrate our fans and blowers into a compact rack mount heat exchanger to meet your specific requirements. Combined with our design expertise with heat exchanger cores and utilizing the latest material types and technologies we have become the leader in providing these products to the US Navy and throughout the world.

AMETEK Rotron specializes in working with our customers to create unique product configurations that address specific cooling requirements, not only for the cooling capability, but space claim, weight, noise, power draw, system control and environmental requirements.

We recently created a datasheet that highlights the features of this heat exchanger unit.

Please click here to download the datasheet for the AMETEK Rotron Compact Rack Mount Heat Exchanger Unit
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