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Rotron MAXIAX 270VDC Large Vaneaxial Fan Product Release

Woodstock, NY - The AMETEK Rotron MAXIAX® - 270 VDC large vaneaxial fan sets new performance standards for avionics and exhaust cooling, as well as ECS and ventilation systems. MAXIAX® fans are extremely efficient and highly customizable, allowing for precise airflow design. This fan operates at high rotational speeds while being supplied power directly from a 270 VDC bus and has been qualified to RTCA/DO-160G environmental requirements.

This fan is designed for ground and navel radar platforms, military and commercial aircraft, and POD cooling. The range at free delivery is 250-300 CFM. To see all the features of this fan, download our product release from the link below.

Please click here to download the AMETEK Rotron MAXIAX® - 270 VDC large vaneaxial fan product release
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