Position Sensors, Optical Encoders, AC Pick-offs, RVDT's, Synchros, Resolvers

AMETEK Airtechnology Group's Motion Control business was established in 1896 and has since been in the business of manufacturing electromagnetic “copper wound” devices such as Electric Motors, Rotary Speed & Position Sensors, Encoders, Alternators, Electric Actuators and hybrid - Electro Hydrostatic Actuators (EHA).  Our range of products include; DC brushed & brushless motors, limited angle motors, stepper motors, gimbal motors, gearheads, EMA actuators (linear, rotary & EHA), permanent magnet alternators, AC & DC servomotor tachometer generators, optical encoders, AC Pick-Offs, RVDT's, Synchros, Resolvers (single/tandem/triple), slab resolvers and variable reluctance resolvers.
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